Years ago, a friend of mine said she didn't understand people's fascination with cars. She thought they all looked the same. I explained that it's all about the lines, the proportions, and the subtle differences that can make or break a car's aesthetic. And in that way, cars are very much like typefaces. What makes... Continue Reading →

Robots & Rocketships

There is a general love for all things robot & rockstship in our household. This stems from a sci-fi geek dad and is encouraged by the little boys. I'm even working on developing a board game around that theme. Watch for posts on that for sure. I also have plans for a large rocketship painting.... Continue Reading →

Vintage Wood Crate

My folks have sold the old farm I grew up on. They've been there over 30 years, but the farm itself has been there much longer. So last time I was up there, I went picking! Scrounging through the barns, a few old wooden crates caught my eye. They were covered in layers of barn dust... Continue Reading →

Back to the Earth

This is a project I completed several years ago, but I thought it was definitely worth revisiting. It deserves to live on. Below is the original statement that accompanied the series in early 2008: The Printed Page - Ephemeral or Enduring? Working closely with letterforms and page layouts on a daily basis, I got to... Continue Reading →


This idea has been brewing for a while. Doing something for the kiddos has always been top of mind for me. I've got a couple plot lines floating around for narratives, but the simple ABC book has always attracted me. I also love when a book (or movie) can appeal to several ages, including adults.... Continue Reading →

Pocket Video

So my new gig came with an iPhone. I never had one before because I'm cheap, but man ... I'm in love. Addicted actually. Now there are some things I never would have expected to pull off with this little pocket brick. Video is one of those things. But with a couple free apps (remember... Continue Reading →

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