The Bishop Project

My brother and I exhibited a poetry and photography project … In 1916 Hugo Ball, founder of the Dada Movement, wrote and performed the nonsensical poem Karawane. It wasn't received that well. In fact, he was "carried down off the stage like a magical bishop." My brother recreated this performance at Lawrence University. We then decided to take this character, this... Continue Reading →

Linocut Christmas 2017

Another Christmas, another linocut. This year we were rocked in November with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes for my 6yo son. So life has been a whirlwind of carb counting, finger pokes, and insulin injections. It felt right to note this in our theme this year, and let everyone know that it's tough, but... Continue Reading →

Inktober 2017

Inktober is an event started by Jake Parker and celebrated by artists worldwide. Artists are tasked with making an ink drawing every day in October (following specific daily prompts) and sharing it under the hashtag #inktober. I've tried and failed a few times in the past, so this year I tried something different. I decided... Continue Reading →

Port Colony Radio

I started this story a while back, but picked it up again recently. I think it would lend itself to a graphic novel format in the end. And yes, more rocketships; you should know I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek by now. There's also a nice twist planned for the end that makes me... Continue Reading →

Linocut Christmas Print

Every year a friend of mine sends out handmade Christmas cards. She illustrates and then screen prints the card and her husband writes a poem inside. It's easily one of the best things I get in the mail all year. I have never sent out Christmas cards myself, but this year I was inspired to... Continue Reading →

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