The Site

Consider this a catalog of my right brain. I have more ideas than time, so most of my ideas just end up on lists; long, dusty lists. This site should allow a few of those ideas to see the light of day, if only for a moment. It may spark new ideas in others, it may gather interest in collaboration, it may help encourage me to pursue some ideas and drop others. These are all good things and are so much better than letting interesting ideas gather dust. So dig around. Find something to be inspired by.

The Name

So what’s with the name Artorig? My middle name is Arthur. The true origin of the name Arthur is unknown, but one possibility is that it is derived from a the Brittonic arto-rīg which means “bear-king”. THE FREAKING BEAR KING. Etymology is badass.

The Human

I’ve got four little kiddos at home that keep life interesting and an amazing wife that understands accepts my particular brand of crazy. By day I’m an art director at a local design agency, in my free time I chase any number of creative ideas; art, music, home improvement, etc. Life is full of interesting ideas to explore.