The Bishop Project

Years ago my brother and I exhibited a joint poetry and photography project and I realized I’ve never posted any of it online. Here goes …

In 1916 Hugo Ball, founder of the Dada Movement, wrote and performed the nonsensical poem Karawane. It wasn’t received that well. In fact, he was “carried down off the stage like a magical bishop.” My brother recreated this performance at Lawrence University.

0-1-HugoBall-dada-We then decided to take this character, this bishop, this stranger form another world, and plant him into our modern society to explore and learn. But as he assimilated, he grew cynical. We documented his brief stay on this world:

1 Alley2 2 Alley1 3 Other1 4 MensRoom2 5 Canine2 7 Bridge2 8-Bridge1 9-Other2 10-They 11-HatBurnI built a temporary website and posters to promote the exhibit. Plans still exist to turn this into a book.

0-2-bishopweb 0-3-BishopPromo5600-4-gallery

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