Vintage Wood Crate

My folks have sold the old farm I grew up on. They’ve been there over 30 years, but the farm itself has been there much longer. So last time I was up there, I went picking! Scrounging through the barns, a few old wooden crates caught my eye.

2-washThey were covered in layers of barn dust sediment and pigeon poop. Once home, they got the hose and a good scrubbing.

3 washedI’m completely enamored by this Magnolia Metal Co box and it NEEDS to go in my office. Look at that type!

4 typeUnfortunately, even after a mold-killing vinegar bath and Murphy’s Oil scrub, the box still reeked of barn and pigeon. Not so suitable for the office, right? So in the end—even though some purists may cringe—I sealed the entire thing in poly. Now, it’s shiny and sealed and ready for some desk action.

5 endWhat will live in it/on it? No idea yet.

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