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So I follow a designer from Nebraska on Instagram who designed and produced a couple of really cool patches and sent them out into the world in the name of good design karma.

I was pumped to get my hands on them and I look forward to getting them both on my bag. It also got me to thinking, how much I need to produce some design swag to give away—and return the favor to Nick!

Anyway, here’s the big idea for this post …

How cool would it be to have a website dedicated to trading design stuffs? A design patch trader of sorts. A site where you can setup shop with your designs (patches, stickers, buttons, etc.) and trade with other designers for their design stuffs? All for the price of shipping. Maybe it operates on the Bookmooch points model? Maybe just a simple one-to-one trade? Not sure on all the details as it’s just a thought—but that’s kind of the point of this, now isn’t it?

I also have nowhere near the skills to pull off a member-based-interactive-forum-e-commerce-sharing type of site. So, know any developers who would be interested in partnering on something like this? Send them my way.


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