This idea has been brewing for a while. Doing something for the kiddos has always been top of mind for me. I’ve got a couple plot lines floating around for narratives, but the simple ABC book has always attracted me. I also love when a book (or movie) can appeal to several ages, including adults. This brought forth the Alphaiku.

What you see here is simply a visual writing process. I’ve got a Google Doc set up with the words I’m going to write for (all nature words). And then I sit down and write an Americanized Haiku in a few minutes and drop it over an applicable photo using an iPhone app. This process has been great for me; really puts me in a different mindset. I’m really enjoying it.


Through the Instagram tag #alphaiku, I’m sharing the creative process. What you see is not the final form. Once I’ve run through the alphabet, I’ll likely refine them and then illustrate or collaborate for the visuals (definitely needs some natural media illustration). Then a new layout into book form. And flash cards. And an iPad app. And … [insert more ideas here].

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