This idea has been brewing for a while. Doing something for the kiddos has always been top of mind for me. I've got a couple plot lines floating around for narratives, but the simple ABC book has always attracted me. I also love when a book (or movie) can appeal to several ages, including adults.... Continue Reading →

Pocket Video

So my new gig came with an iPhone. I never had one before because I'm cheap, but man ... I'm in love. Addicted actually. Now there are some things I never would have expected to pull off with this little pocket brick. Video is one of those things. But with a couple free apps (remember... Continue Reading →

Artorig is Something

Hello friends. Welcome to my latest project. It's actually a larger project that will help me make sense of all my other projects. Consider it a catalog of my right brain. I have more ideas than time, so most of my ideas just end up on lists; long, dusty lists. This site should allow those... Continue Reading →

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